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Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies

You will love these Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies. From festive and spiced to chocolate and vegan and allergy friendly there is a cookie here for everyone. Now the only question is, which cookie will Santa like when he comes to visit? 

I would have to say one of my favourite Christmas traditions is making cookies. I love making them for my family and getting the kids involved in the process. Cookies are also the perfect homemade edible gift. I love to make Christmas cookies for my neighbours and friends. 

This collection of the Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies includes: 

  • Traditional Cookies
  • Chocolate Flavoured Christmas Cookies
  • Spiced Cookies 
  • Vegan Cookies
  • Novelty Cookies

Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies

Traditional Cookies

No collection of Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies would be complete without some traditional cookie recipes. From amaretti to shortbread these Christmas Cookie recipes are delicious. 

3 Ingredient Shortbread 

This 3 Ingredient Shortbread recipe is the easiest shortbread you’ll ever make…all you need is butter, plain flour and icing sugar!

ultimate kid friendly Christmas Cookie recipes - shortbread

Amaretti Cookies

These Chewy Amaretti Cookies are a delicious Italian cookie, ideal for the festive season. This recipe is gluten-free and simple to make. These are a fabulous edible gift.

Easy Coconut Macaroons

These Easy Coconut Macaroons are so fun to make with kids! They’ll enjoy stirring all of the ingredients together and scooping them out. And once the chocolate has cooled slightly, they’ll love dipping the macaroon bottoms!

Christmas Butter Cookies

These Christmas Butter Cookies are easy to make and so fun with festive coloured M&Ms.

No Chill Cut Out Sugar Cookies

These easy cut-out sugar cookies that don’t require any chilling. Perfect for decorating with sprinkles! Thanks for the recipe Fresh April Flours.

ultimate kid friendly Christmas Cookies sugar cookies

Classic Snowball Cookies

Call them whatever you like–Mexican wedding cookies, Russian tea cakes, snowball cookies–these bite-sized cookies are the perfect addition to a holiday dessert plate, cookie exchange, or for enjoying by yourself snuggled next to the Christmas tree.

Snickerdoodle Cookies

These are the best snickerdoodle cookies ever! They have crispy edges, chewy centers, and a rich cinnamon flavor, plus they’re easy to make with no chilling or strange ingredients!

Crispy Clementine Cookies

Fab Food 4 All has been making these Crispy Clementine Cookies for the last 20 years. They’ve been given as teacher gifts they’re perfect for kids to bake. They are festive, easy and delicious.

Super Soft Cut Out Sugar Cookies

Super soft cut-out sugar cookies decorated with an easy icing. These Christmas Cut-Out Sugar Cookies are so fun to decorate and perfect for the holidays!

ultimate Christmas Cookies - Sugar Cookies

Thumbprint Cookies

Delicious buttery shortbread cookies filled with strawberry and apricot jam. These Thumbprint Cookies are perfect for the holidays or any occasion!

ultimate Christmas Cookies thumbprint cookies

Gluten Grain and Dairy Free Strawberry Thumbprint Cookies

Or enjoy these gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free strawberry thumbprint cookies any time of the year. Who knew a thumbprint cookie could be this good for you and still taste amazing?

Chocolate Flavoured Christmas Cookies

If your kids (and you) are all about the chocolate you will love these chocolate flavoured Christmas cookies included in this round up of Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies.

Double Chocolate M&M Cookies

Chewy M&M cookies are the best kind of chocolate cookies — soft and chewy, so chocolatey and a breeze to make! Use holiday M&Ms and you’ll have cookies that will be the star of your Christmas cookie tray.

Chocolate Christmas Cookies

These delicious Chocolate Christmas Cookies are a delicious variation on chocolate chip cookies and perfect to make for Santa with the little ones. This recipe contains nuts. 

chocolate chip cookies on a plate with a glass of milk waiting for Santa

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

These chocolate ooey gooey crinkle cookies are chewy and full of chocolate goodness. These are delicious cake mix cookies with cream cheese and butter made famous from Paula Deen.

Gluten Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

Rolled in powdered sugar, these Fudgy Gluten Free Chocolate Crinkle Cookies are crisp on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Who says you can only bake these at Christmas?

Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies

These soft Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies are made of peanut butter and topped with chocolate kiss candy at the centre. This recipe contains nuts.

ultimate Christmas cookies peanut butter chocolate

Mint Middle Fudge Crinkles

Mint middle fudge crinkles are soft and fudgy chocolate cookies that have a cool and creamy chocolate mint center. It’s cookie and candy together in a wonderfully easy to make cookie.

Gluten Free Caramel Hot Chocolate Cookies

Warm up with these Gluten Free Caramel Hot Chocolate Cookies that have a rich, fudge-y base topped with a chocolate caramel square, and finally a marshmallow. Perfection.

Spiced Christmas Cookies

In this section of this blog post ‘Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies’ we are taking a festive spiced turn. Think cinnamon and ginger, all spice and cloves. This collection of spiced Christmas Cookies will be sure to make your house smell as delicious as the cookies will taste!

Low Sugar Gingerbread Cookies

Ahh Gingerbread. The sweet and spicy smell of these baking just feels like Christmas. And if you love gingerbread I know you will love these quick and easy Low Sugar Gingerbread Cookies.

Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies

Festive Spiced Cookies

The spices in these Festive Spiced Cookies are delicate but all things Christmas. And best bit is that these are better for you that a lot of the cookies out there. These cookies are refined sugar free and only contain a third of a cup of maple syrup to sweeten.

Gluten Free Gingerbread Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Dark chocolate atop chewy gingerbread cookies make these Gluten-Free Gingerbread Kiss Cookies the perfect holiday treat.

ultimate Christmas Cookie recipes

Molasses Cookies

Soft Chewy Molasses Cookies are a favorite of Santa and fun to make with kids for Christmas Cookie trays.

molasses cookies

Egg Free Gingerbread Cookies

For Kids with egg allergies – This soft and chewy gingerbread is easy to make and is sure to be a family favourite.

egg free gingerbread

Gingerbread Cookie Christmas Decorations

Gingerbread cookies that you can hang on the tree. Need we say more?

Vegan Christmas Cookies

Perfect for plant based diets or those with egg and dairy allergies these vegan Christmas Cookies are perfect for you little ones to bake. 

Gluten Free Vegan Chocolate No Bake Cookies

These vegan and gluten free Chocolate No Bake Cookies are a family favourite and so addictive.

Vegan Thumbprint Cookies

These Vegan Thumbprint Cookies might just be your favourite Christmas cookie of the season! Simple ingredients, quick to make, and festive too! Vegan, soy free, and nut free!

ultimate Christmas cookies - vegan thumbprint cookies

Vegan Graham Crackers

These Homemade Graham Crackers are just that—homemade, which means that YOU get to control the ingredients! 

graham crackers for christmas

Plant Based Tollhouse Pan Cookies

These easy Tollhouse Pan Cookies from Sharon Palmer are completely plant-based. Just pat the dough into a baking sheet and slice them into irregular squares for a simple, delicious treat. They’re super served warm fresh out of the oven!

Vegan Brown Sugar Cookies

Sweet. chewy, molasses-y Vegan Brown Sugar Cookies are an essential holiday treat. The molasses in the brown sugar gives them a lovely, complex flavor!

Novelty Cookies

Nothing says fun and festive like novelty cookies, and you will love these themed cookies. From snowmen to reindeer these cookies will delight your kids. 

Chocolate Covered Oreo Reindeer Cookies

Chocolate Covered Oreo Reindeer Cookies are an adorable holiday treat for kids and big kids alike. Double stuffed Oreos dipped in melted chocolate, pretzel antlers, candy eyes, and red hot nose -they come alive as the face of reindeer to spread Holiday cheer.

reindeer Oreo cookies

Snowman Sugar Cookies

These Snowman Sugar Cookies are the perfect Christmas project for kids! They get to make this super cute Christmas Cookie and they get to eat it too! These cookies are perfect for your Christmas Cookie Swap!

snowman sugar cookies

Grinch Cookies

The Grinch. Cuddly as a cactus. . .charming as an eel whose heart was two sizes too small. The story is a Dr. Seuss classic and these fun Grinch Cookies are a great time to get the kids in the kitchen.

Chocolate Orange Rudolph Cookies

These fun and festive Chocolate Orange Rudolph Cookies are as fun to make as they are to eat.

Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies

Nutty Butter Penguins

Nutter Butter Penguins Holiday Cookies are a fun snack for the holiday season. These simple no-bake treats are a fun way to spend some time with the kids.

Grinch Sugar Cookies

Looking for a fun and easy way to make grinch sugar cookies. These adorable cookies represent the grinch’s heart with an adorable little sprinkle on each cookie!

Elf Cookies

Elf Cookies are easy to make, miniature shortbread cookies that are bite sized and delicious. These cookies are a delicious treat to make your elf or for your elf to gift to well behaved children!

I am sure you will love these cookies in this Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies collection. Thanks to my fellow food bloggers for contributing their delicious cookie recipes. 

Happy baking, 
Bernadette x

Ultimate Kid Friendly Christmas Cookies


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