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Kid Food on Sticks

What is it about serving Kid Food on Sticks? Is it the fun factor? The novelty? I am not entirely sure but I do know that serving Kid Food on Sticks revolutionised mealtimes for me. I vividly remember a few years ago when my picky little eater who had refused his vegetables at lunch was happy to snack on these when they were threaded on a stick. And asked for more. So given my ongoing success with food of the skewered variety this blog post is dedicated to ideas for Kid Food on Sticks.

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Ideas for Kid Food on Sticks

Pancakes and Fruit

We love pancakes in our house. A lot. And this is a super fun way to serve pancakes.

  • Get the recipe for Peanut Butter and Chocolate Chip Pancakes or Apple and Blueberry Pancakes and round up your kids to help you make them
  • Let your older kids to cut the pancakes into strips and ask them to slice fresh fruit (or cut these for your children)
  • Get your kiddos to roll the pancakes up (great fine motor practice!)
  • Ask or help your children to thread the pancake rolls onto Stix or skewers and add fresh fruit between the layers

Kid Food on Sticks fun food kids love to eat.


Make a simple sandwich fun and interesting lunch option for kids by threading these on skewers. I like to alternate with vegetables, fruit or cheese. It’s like an all in one lunch option! You can also use wraps instead of bread.

Kid Food on Sticks fun food kids love to eat.
Kid Food on Sticks: Sandwich Sushi threaded with salad vegetables make a fun and interesting option for the lunchbox
Kid Food on Sticks fun food kids love to eat.
Kid Food on Sticks: Using a cookie cutter to cut stars from sandwiches and threaded with cheese on Stix make an exciting home lunch.

Fruit salad with dipping sauce

Threading fruit onto skewers and serving with Greek yogurt is a delicious and healthy snack.

Kid Food on Sticks fun food kids love to eat.

Vegetable Sticks

In my blog post all about getting vegetables in the lunchbox I spoke about threading vegetables onto sticks to offer veggies in a more appealing and fun way. I love threading cucumber, cherry tomatoes and capsicums and serving these as a lunchbox snack.

Grapes and Cheese

Probably one of my favourite combinations for Kid Food on Sticks is grapes and cheese. It’s like a cheese board on a stick!

Kid Food on Sticks fun food kids love to eat.

Hungry for more ideas?

There are lots of foods that are great on skewers! Here are some other ideas for you to try

  • Pizza sticks, thread ham, tomatoes and pineapple onto skewers
  • A sort of Caesar salad stick, thread lettuce and poached or crumbed chicken and serve along with hard boiled eggs and a dipping sauce
  • Cherry tomato and grilled haloumi sticks
  • Marshmellows and fruit
  • Fruit toast or fruit english muffins alternated with fresh fruit
  • Cheese and dried apricots

I hope my Kid Food on Sticks blog post has inspired you! Not only can you serve Kid Food on Sticks in the lunchbox but you can serve for home lunches, and these are also great to serve at parties! If you are looking for other ideas for keeping lunchboxes fresh and fun why not check out my blog post 10 Wrap Filling Ideas for School Lunches.

Happy skewering!

Bernadette x

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