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Super Simple and Festive Christmas Food Art Ideas

The house is reasonably quiet. And this is an anomaly because things are generally crazy around here especially with Christmas literally days away. The twins are having a MUCH needed day sleep {insert gleeful cheer here}. Mr 7 is watching a movie and husband is out catching up with a friend for a pre-Christmas beer or 5 lunch. I should be folding washing or making my cheesecake for Christmas Day, but I am procrastablogging. I figure my washing can wait, and Christmas is just two sleeps away so you’ll probably want these Christmas Food Art Ideas now, right?!

When Mr 7 was a toddler I vividly remember being really stressed about all the sugar on offer at Christmas. Actually if I am being honest – sugar at any time of the year. But now I approach things a little differently. I am happy for him to have his chocolates and ‘treats’ but I make sure lots of other food is on offer too. And I think what I love most about these Christmas Food Art Ideas, is that they fit into the ‘other’ category but they really seem like treats!

These Christmas Food Art Ideas are pretty simple to make too. They really do not take that much longer to make than just putting together an ordinary sandwich with fruit and veggie sides. And these Christmas Food Art Ideas are just perfect for adding that festive touch to lunches or snacks. So, without further delay, let’s get on to the ideas!

Christmas Food Art Ideas

Penguin Sandwiches

How cute is the featured penguin sandwich? To make this festive sandwich cut large circles from a prepared sandwich for the penguin and decorate with blueberries for the eyes, carrot for the beak and feet, cucumber for the wings and a slice of banana for the tummy. Add a half slice of banana along with half a strawberry and a halved grape for the hat.

Christmas Elf Sandwiches

You have heard of Elf on the Shelf but have you seen these Elves on a Plate? Super cute and really easy! To make these festive sandwiches, cut large circles from a prepared sandwich for the Elf faces. Use halved sliced bananas for the Elf ears and another half slice of banana along with half a strawberry and a halved grape for the Elf hats. Use blueberries for the eyes, a raspberry for the nose and a half a slice of cucumber for the mouth. Decorate with halved cherry tomatoes around the neck.

Christmas food art ideas - christmas elves

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer Watermelon Snack

This watermelon snack is perfect for our summer Christmas down-under and makes a simple fruit snack utterly adorable. Simply slice a watermelon into triangles and add blueberries for the eyes, a raspberry nose and cucumber antlers.

Christmas food art ideas - reindeer

Pinwheel Wrap Christmas Tree

I have shared this Christmas Food Art Idea before in my blog post all about classroom party food ideas but it is worthy of sharing again! Arrange prepared pinwheel wraps into a triangle, top with a cheese star and decorate with tomato and cucumber baubles to make a festive share plate for lunch.

Christmas food art ideas - Christmas trees

Snowmen Sandwiches

I think the thing Miss Three is most looking forward to about Christmas is that it is going to snow. But it’s not. Because we live in Australia. And this has been causing no end of confusion and upset. So these Snowmen Sandwiches were made just for her, so she can have a little bit of a white Christmas. To make, cut two different sized circles from a prepared sandwich for the body and head of the snowman and thinly sliced arms from offcuts of the sandwich. The nose is made from a carrot (of course) and I peeled a strip of carrot for the scarf. I used blueberries for the eyes and buttons and a cucumber became a top hat. The plate was also decorated with popcorn ‘snow’.

Christmas food art ideas - snowmen

Christmas Polar Bears

A controversial addition to the Christmas Food Art Ideas blog post are these Christmas Polar Bears given that two of my kids think that these are Christmas Dogs. They are not. They are clearly Polar Bears ;). But bears or dogs these festive sandwiches are super easy to make. Cut large circles from prepared sandwiches and use sliced bananas for the nose and an eye patch. Use one blueberry on the nose and two blueberries for eyes. Use almonds for the ears and create a hat from a half sliced banana, strawberry and grape.

Christmas food art ideas - polar bears

If you are looking for more healthier food options this Christmas try these delicious Simple and Easy Low Sugar Gingerbread Cookies or these Delicious Chocolate Brownies with a Healthy Twist. The Brownies make the cutest Christmas Trees and the instructions are in the blog post. I hope you and your children enjoy these Christmas Food Art Ideas! Remember to tag me in your creations over on Instagram or share pic with me on Facebook.

Merry Christmas

Bernadette x

PS In the middle of writing this blog post Mr 3 woke up far too early from his day sleep. He is now grumpier than he was before he went to bed. Send wine.

Christmas food art ideas

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